The outcome of this research effort is focused on the development of new graduate and undergraduate courses and/or for integration into existing courses being taught by the PIs. Some of the related courses being taught at the three participating universities are listed below:

NCAT: “Modeling and Control of Drones,” “UAV Data Processing,” “Advanced Imaging,” “Advanced Robotic Systems,” “Decision-making and Supervisory Control,” “Introduction to Telecommunications,” “Computer Vision Intelligence for Robotic Applications,” “Advanced Geospatial Analysis,” and “Methodologies of Remote Sensing.”

NCSU: “Highway Design,” “Traffic Engineering,” “Sensors, Instrumentation, and Data Analytics for Transportation Networks,” “Intelligent Transportation Systems,” “Advanced Topics in Wireless Networking,” and “Optimizations and Algorithms.”

UNCC: “Introduction to Transportation Engineering,” “Advanced Traffic Engineering,” “Intelligent Transportation Systems,” “Transportation Systems Analysis,” “Urban Transportation Networks: Operations and Optimization,” and “Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.”