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Real-Time Innovations (RTI) provides product suite that enables different applications to securely share information in real time and work as one integrated system. RTI Connext® DDS is built on the popular and well-established Data Distribution ServiceTM (DDS) standard in order to offer capabilities specifically designed for distributed computing environments for massive scalability and minimize project risk. Connext is a data-centric solution that keeps data in motion, from edge to cloud and across remote environments.

RTI provides NC-CAV with Connext DDS software, which can be used as a middleware to increase the reliability and communication efficiency of NC-CAV testbeds.

The Connext DDS RTI involves the implementation of application logic, message filtering, caching and persistence, addressing, node and service discovery, Quality of Service, serialization/Marshaling, reliability, encryption and authorization, socket programming, and network stack, which all are needed for reliable communication between CAVs’ components. RTI Connext Drive uses the Next Generation of EE architectures for autonomous driving where DDS serves to manage some amount of involved complexity at its own as it can offer integration of many different dataflows of different volumes, frequencies, latencies, reliability and destinations and multiple hardware and software solutions. DDS is a software defined radio that uses the underlying IP network to make the communication as distributed and offers application-based customizing where the user can prioritize the involved parameters to establish a customized QoS with the availability of a default and recommended QoS setting.