Silver Sponsors

Verizon continues its sponsorship in 2023 for the autonomous shuttle proof of concept at the NC Transportation Center of Excellence on Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology (NC-CAV) at North Carolina A&T University, enabled by Verizon 5G technology.

Verizon’s industry leading spectrum position, its extensive fiber ownership and the advanced technology that Verizon deploys from the core of the network all the way to the edge of the network makes Verizon’s networks a reliable, robust, secure and high performing network for innovation.

Verizon has taken a leadership role as a connectivity partner in the future of the automotive industry.

Innovation around autonomous and assisted driving features, electric vehicles, and more are changing driver attitudes about what their cars will look like and do in the future. This is converging with 5G technology creating a climate of innovation and technological enhancement that has brought carriers and automakers closer than ever before.

Verizon provides NC-CAV by

There is an abundance of data available. That is why a strong, reliable network and one that has near blink of the eye response times, is needed to capture, process and enable smart vehicles 

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