NC-CAV: Kickoff Meeting Slides

  • Background

  • Center Mission, Vision, goals, and objectives

  • Research Approach

  • Proposed research

    • Thrust 1: CAV impacts

    • Thrust 2: CAV infrastructure

    • Thrust 3: CAV-UAV Applications

  • NC-CAV use-cases

  • NC-CAV Available Resources

  • Center Management and Communication Plan

  • NC-CAV Plan for Engagement of Stakeholders

  • NC-CAV Sustainability Plan

  • NC-CAV Dissemination and Outreach Plan

  • Questions

About NC-CAV:Kickoff Meeting

NCDOT impact on Transportation-related research, education, and outreach at North Carolina A&T State University


Robust and Computationally Effective Pedestrian Detection for Autonomous Cars

Speakers: Ali Karimoddini, Muhammad Mobaidul Islam, Abdullah Al Redwan Newaz

Workshop on the Detection, Recognition, and Prediction of Pedestrian Behaviors, In ITSC 2021