NC-CAV Goals and Objectives

The goal of NC-CAV is to seek long-term view and cutting-edge multidisciplinary approaches to investigate the adoption, utilization, and deployment of CAVs and their impacts on the transportation system in North Carolina and the nation to meet transformative objectives including:

Objective 1: Investigating the impacts of CAVs on North Carolina’s current transportation system and an assessment of the fiscal impacts that CAVs would impose on North Carolina and its communities;

Objective 2: Assessing North Carolina’s readiness for CAVs, investigating the required changes to the existing transportation infrastructure needs to support CAVs, and to explore emerging technologies that can support CAV deployment;

Objective 3: Developing and implementing cooperative control techniques for CAVs and UAVs and exploring their emerging applications via the development of prototypes and analysis of multiple use cases;

Objective 4: Sustaining the Center’s activities by attracting larger funding at the national level for advanced transportation systems; and

Objective 5: Developing an outreach program and a diverse and better-prepared workforce with more graduate and undergraduate students, particularly from underrepresented groups, across participating institutions, by exposing them to advanced CAV-UAV transportation technologies.